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Carpet Cleaners Dilemma.

Dirty Wool Carpets


Carpet Cleaning

All reputable carpet cleaners, myself included have undergone strict training regarding the cleaning of all types of carpet fibre and what cleaning agents to use. For wool or wool mix carpets we are taught to use Woolsafe PH neutral products.

These products produce fantastic cleaning results on a wide range of soils on carpets when used correctly and in a professional manner, leaving carpets looking great.

Now and again I come across very dirty wool carpets stained with all manner of things, and I know PH neutral cleaning agents are just not going to produce the results that I and the customer want.

In these situations I first consult with the customer and then use a higher PH cleaner to break up the soils. This is followed by rinsing with a lower PH product leaving the carpet in a neutral state and looking fantastic.