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    Please See My Carpet Cleaning Reviews Left By Happy Customers.


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  • Carpet Cleaning Reviews.

    Some Feedback From Customers After Having There Carpets Cleaned.

    I very pleased with my carpets Chris removed all of the stains caused by my dog.


    Dame Beryl Grey.Chelwood Gate.

    Chris did a fantastic job cleaning our carpets and saved us a fortune as I thought they would have to be replaced.

    Mrs J Golds Heathfield.

    Great job Great service.

    Mr P Dunn. Bexhill.

    Very pleased the carpets looked great after cleaning.Reasonable price too.

    Mrs K Jones. Haywards Heath

    I am over the moon at how clean Chris got our carpets.

    A very nice man too and very helpful.

    Mrs A Slater. Ardingly.

    All the stains were removed from my carpets.

    I am very pleased at the results.

    Mr John Jones.Lewes.

    Chris paid so much attention to detail when cleaning my carpets,very impressed.

    Mrs K Wren.Uckfield.

  • Help With Stains.

    Try to act as fast as possible and do not panic.

    These steps should help with a variety of carpet and upholstery stains.

    Soak up spillage with absorbent tissue or cloth.

    Remove solids with a blunt knife.

    Add a little cold water to stain and sponge off gently [ never use hot water as this could set the stain].

    Blot again with cloth/tissue until the stain or spillage is removed.

    Never allow stains to dry out.

    Over wetting stains may cause them to spread.

    On no account rub or scrub soiled areas as this may damage fibres in the carpet.


    For serious carpet stains or spillages please call me for help.

  • About Carpet Health Carpet Cleaning.

    In The Lewes,Uckfield And Haywards Heath Areas.

    I always strive to exceed customer expectations.

    I offer hot water extraction cleaning. This process gives the best results in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.

    Passion for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

    Working as a sole trader I try to offer first class customer service and to meet the customers needs whilst

    offering very competitive pricing.

    I have been trained by Ashbys of Kent to the insurance industries approved standards.

    I have been cleaning carpets in the Lewes,Uckfield and Haywards Heath areas for over 15 years and pride myself on giving complete customer satisfaction.

    Eco friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning.

    I care about the planet and use child and pet friendly carpet cleaning products.

    This is how I clean using the hot water extraction method.

    1 Thorough vacuum to remove dust, grit, pet hairs, etc.

    2 Pre treat stains with a soil loosening prespray.

    3 Agitate carpet to help remove stuck on soilage.

    4 Hot water extraction with a powerful extraction machine.

    5 Use a special finishing spray to protect and invigorate carpets.

    6 Groom piled material to give a smooth finish.

    The same steps are used for cleaning rugs and upholstery.


    Carpet and upholstery pre clean appointment.

    A pre clean inspection is needed to discuss your requirments and the complete cleaning procedure will be fully explained to you.

    You will be told of the exact cost of the work.

    If you decide to proceed a time and date for the work can be set to suit you.

    Drying time for carpets is usually three to four hours but often sooner.

    Estimates may be given over the phone Below are some average prices but may vary due to customers requirments.

    Average size living room £35.00.

    Average size stairs £35.00.

    Small bedroom £25.00.

    Large bedroom £30.00.

    Please note a minimum charge normally applies for single rooms.





    Payment is expected on completion of the work.

    I accept all major bank cards (subject to internet connection) or payment can be made with cheques or cash.


    Please phone 01825 840019 mobile 07880652658 to make a no obligation appointment today.

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